Our Investment Immigration

The objective of our investment immigration program is to help individuals obtain Hungarian residency permits through investment. To be eligible, you must invest in our Hungarian Special Debt Fund which in turn purchases the Hungarian Government Special Bond on your behalf. The Hungarian Government Special Bond is engineered specifically to meet the terms and requirements of this special immigration program. The bond is not for public trading and you may not purchase as an individual.

Hungarian Investment Immigration
Investment Immigration to Hungary; The quick way to obtain European Identity

Flow Chart


‧ About the Program

Hungarian Investment Immigration program is designed for applicants to obtain Hungarian resident visa and be eligible for application of permanent status in Hungary through investment in the Hungarian Special Government Bond.

‧ Application Requirement

1. Main applicant must be 18 years of age, no criminal record
2. Applicant need to invest EUR 250,000 in the Hungarian Special Debt Fund
3. Lock-in period of 5 years with no interest

‧ Process & Procedure

1. Free professional assessment for the potential applicants
2. Accept application, both parties sign contract
3. Compile application portfolio for the applicant
4. Applicant signs the agreement for the Fund to invest in the Hungarian Government Special Debt Bond
5. Applicant completes the investment
6. Applicant apply for visa from Hungarian Immigration
7. Applicant undergoes health check and submits passport
8. Applicant obtains permanent resident visa and land Hungary
9. Applicant receives free Get Settled services

‧ Advantages of the Program

1.Low investment requirement, zero risk
2.Simple and fast
3.No specific requirement for business background, sources of fund, language or education requirements
4.No requirement for minimum period of stay before eligible for permanent status application
5.One applicant and the whole family can benefit for permanent resident visa
6.Children can enjoy the free education provided by the Hungarian government. Everyone in the family enjoys most of the benefit as Hungarian Citizens.
7.No global tax system for immigrants with assets outside of Hungary
8.A complete and high quality education system at zero cost from primary school to university. (Multi language education in English, German and Hungarian )

‧ Who is eligible to apply?

Persons with solid financial sources, specifically those with no business background and/or corporate background.